Mortgage Refinance

Consolidate Your Debt by Refinancing Your Mortgage

Why not rid yourself of the hassle that comes with repaying numerous loans by replacing them with a single mortgage loan? By doing so, you could also substantially reduce your monthly repayments. A single mortgage loan will spread a larger amount over a longer period, and reduce the interest rate. This option not only makes it easier to pay back your loan, but it saves you money by lessening interest fees.

For example, carrying a balance on high interest credit cards, or cards issued by department stores and other retail companies are quite costly, they often have interest rates as high as 19%. The banks and companies that issue these cards stand to make substantial profits if you fall behind and cannot pay off the balance.

Imagine if you were to take this balance and roll it into a 3-year term mortgage, and could be paying as little as 3.50% interest on it, now that’s a substantial savings.

Let us help you consolidate your debt and get you into a lower interest rate with a lower, more manageable monthly payment. This could be your first step toward freeing yourself from stressful credit card burden and moving towards a debt free future.

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