Mortgage Renewal

Talk to a Mortgage Broker Before You Renew

Most homeowners don’t realize how important it is to shop around rates when renewing their mortgages. Often, homeowners simply receive a renewal notice in the mail from their bank, sign it, and return it without questioning whether or not their mortgage still fits their needs. Does this sound familiar? For this reason, many clients end up paying the posted rate which means losing out on possible savings. It may seem small, but even a 1% rate difference can mean saving several thousands of dollars on mortgage interest alone.

Many homeowners don’t realize that shopping rates is an option. If you’re not sure where to start, or If you do not have time to shop around and you think accepting their renewal terms is the best option because it is convenient, let us help you. We will go to work for you immediately and will find the best rates and products available on the market today.

Don’t let high mortgage rates discourage you. Your bank is not your only option, as many homebuyers have been led to believe. Take a look at our posted rates, you will notice that we offer the best rates for each term offered by banking institutions all across Canada. Simply pick the best option for your needs, and let’s start saving you money.

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